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Horizons Martial Arts, BJJ & Kids Karate of Phoenix, Arizona will Change Your Life!

Our students tell us that getting into top shape has never been this much fun. They look forward to each and every day of training at Horizons Martial Arts, BJJ & Kids Karate.

You’ll find, just as they have, that we offer the finest martial arts training available – anywhere. And you’ll enjoy training in settings that are comfortable and professional. Our facilities were planned from the ground up, to offer you a wonderful experience which encourages fast, fun and efficient learning. …All while having more FUN than should be legal – in martial arts programs that have no equal!

Men, women and children of all ages and levels of expertise are all welcome! Every student matters at Horizons Martial Arts, BJJ & Kids Karate. As a student with us, you’ll achieve terrific physical condition through our action-packed, exciting programs of self-defense and martial arts. Your training will involve a complete self-dense system made up of:

• Key practical elements
• Skills that have immediate tactical value
• Logically designed curriculum for quick understanding
• Real world self-defense instruction

All of which is taught in classes comprised of important components like:

• Flexibility and conditioning exercises designed for you to achieve maximum strength and physical agility
• Aerobic, heart-healthy instruction to burn calories and get your body "pumped".

“Whole Person” Black Belt Training – We Develop Both the Inner & Outer Self! Critical in your training at Horizons Martial Arts, BJJ & Kids Karate is our focus on you becoming a complete Black Belt, one made from the inside – out. The process of becoming a Back Belt is more than learning the mechanics of positions, punches and throws.

Our emphasis is on you becoming focused and developing mental, physical and emotional strengths. These attributes will allow you to become a true champion – inside and outside the dojo.

Do you live a busy life? We all do - and we do everything possible your classes are scheduled to fit into your hectic lifestyle. We have classes for adults and children that are designed to fit comfortably into your leisure time.

Extras? Sure, we want to provide a well-rounded curriculum which is designed to provide a complete, realistic and efficient self-defense program. We are always developing new classes and specialized workshops. Recent offerings include:

• Specialty self-defense workshops
• Bully proof seminars

We are always developing more fantastic opportunities to learn new things – and they are always FUN for everyone! With a fantastic line-up like Judo, Shotokan Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Fitness Kickboxing, we are positive you will find the experience rewarding and life changing!

A Staff Even a Diehard Martial Arts Artist Will Love!

We go to great lengths to make sure we have staff that makes you better! At Horizons Martial Arts, BJJ & Kids Karate, every staff member has been through a gauntlet of professional training, and is well-versed in our entire curriculum. We want to make sure we offer the best, so we can help you be the best. This is how champions are made – inside and outside the world of martial arts.

We augment our training and teach a few things about life skills too. It takes more than flashy moves to survive in the modern world, so we teach core values like:

• Courtesy • Respect • Discipline • Self-Control • Integrity

These values have enormous worth which transcends everything else we teach. We make sure these crucial character issues are part of your training. Students tell us they have seen huge increases in self-discipline and self-esteem. They become better people because they seek to improve their lives and the world around them. Even more, they seek to do these things constantly – and for life - as a result of training with us.

Let’s Take A Moment to Talk About a Decision
- A Simple Decision Which Can Improve Your Life! You’ve Got a Good Picture About How We Think At Horizons Martial Arts, BJJ & Kids Karate, so...Take the first step to new beginning for you and your family.

You know that training with us may just be the best choice you will make for yourself and loved ones. Whatever it is you desire –

• Wearing a Black Belt You Earned
• Looking at Your Chiseled Body in A Mirror
• Having Self-Defense Skills Which Allow You to Protect the People in Your World
• Giving Your Child One of the Best Advantages They Can Get

Want to Try Us Out?

Call one of our professional team and ask about our Trial Program. They are waiting to answer your questions. We know our school is right for you, but we want you to be sure too – 100% RISK FREE! CALL TODAY! 602-971-5425
Horizons Martial Arts, BJJ & Kids Karate

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